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Steel is unquestionably the premium framing choice for your home or project. Steel is engineered, inorganic, will not rot, warp, twist, bow, shrink or settle. There will be far reduced instances of plaster or cornice cracking because steel doesn't change state during its lifespan.

STEEL SOLUTIONS wall is straight and true, has continuous nogsand flush connections meaning cladding materials attach faster and easier.

STEEL SOLUTIONS steel wall will require no packing or planeing to achieve high quality finishes or architectural features.

STEEL SOLUTIONS truss is light, strong, stands up on a roof on its own and can offer superior spans to competing materials.

STEEL SOLUTIONS floor joist is light, rigid, straight and can be specified to span up to 9 meters clear. We can integrate bathroom set down, integrated gutters and various other innovations into your joist to achieve the required finish.

STEEL SOLUTIONS is between 33% and 50% of the weight of a comparable timber frame, with a far higher strength to weight ratio. Steel features one of the highest strength to weight ratio of any conventional building product.

Steel is incredibly accurate with tolerances in the 10ths of a millimeter, not in 10s of millimeters. Your window and door openings will be precisely placed, perfectly square (or perfectly tapered depending on your design) meaning fitting will be faster and easier.

Steel house frames will not change or move over time, so gaps will not open up letting air in. Insulating products work by creating a barrier between temperatures. Over time, a frame which can settle and move will create openings which will allow air to travel through, thus rendering insulating products far less affective. Steel will not settle ever time allowing other complementing products to continue performing how they were designed and specified.

Hanging plaster and claddings is faster because there is no need to pack or plane the walls to achieve an acceptable finish. Steel house frames are straight and true. Because steel doesn't warp, twist, bow or settle you will experience less 'nail pops' requiring rectification. You will also experience drastically reduced instances of doors and windows sticking as the house settles, because a steel frame never 'settles', its engineered to maintain its dimensions for the lifespan of the building.

Steel is 100% recyclable (in its purest sense) and has a virtually infinite life span, it's the most recycled product on the planet. Termite treated timber is un-recyclable (straight to landfill) and almost all other timbers are only down-cyclable.

Steel is 100% termite PROOF, requires $0 of termite treatment and $0 of ongoing termite maintenance.

Steel is 100% non-combustible, will not burn or 'char' and will not contribute to a fire, or the spread of fire. In a bushfire, ember attack to a steel house frame and roof space will not ignite the frame.

Steel Solutions use only Truecore by Bluescope steel and your project will likely qualify for their 50 year corrosion warranty* (Conditions apply)

Steel releases no gasses or VOCs during its life. This has been recognized by the healthy home institute as a desirable feature of steel frames.

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