Z Purlin roll forming machine Z-PRF01

Ameco C purlin rollforming machine can make many size on the  same machine control by PLC system.  

Automatic cutting and punching at any position . Multi order for length and hole distance.



- Max. roll forming speed: 14 - 20 m/min

- Main motor power: 15 Kw - 22 Kw

- De-coiler : 1 set ( Non-power )

- Weight of machine: 09 - 10 tons

- Machine installation dimension: 13m x 1.4m x 1.6m

- Cutting and punching equipment:

a. Entrance shearer: 01 set

b. Exit shearer: max 12 sets

c. Holes punching: max 06 sets

- Max. material strength: G550

- Rollers stages station: 16 - 18

- Thickness: 1.5 - 3.5 mm

- Cutting tolerance: Length ± 2mm (length = 5,000mm)

- Control system :

calculation by PLC touch human interface display

multi - grouped input.

auto length and hole distance calculating.

use mm as the length - calculating unit.

tolerance revision by touch screen.


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