Steel Truss

When it comes to precision and straight frames, nothing comes close to STEEL SOLUTIONS. Our precision manufacturing process ensures our walls frames are extremely straight for a superior building finish.

Unlike timber, STEEL SOLUTIONS is an engineered system which gives everyone a real peace of mind. Each set of frames comes with engineered bracing plans, our system specification and manual to assist the erection process on site.

Each wall frames is delivered fully fabricated to speed up the construction process as the frames are up to 60% lighter due to its superior strength to weight ratio.

Quick Benefits

Can be purchased separately or as a part of the STEEL SOLUTIONS system
Steel moves less during the temperature changes year round
Provide a healthier living environment with no chemical emissions
Provide absolute protection against termites
Ensures structural resistance from fire.

Technical Data

Wall profileOur wall frames are rollformed from Hot-Dipped Zinc Coated High Tensile Steel that conforms to AS 1397 and AS/NZS 4600: 2005. The Base material thickness we use for our stud wall frames is 0.55mm or 0.75mm using G550, Z150 grade material.

The prefabricated frames are 90mm wide, walls are riveted and supplied with plastic membrane on the bottom plate for moisture protection. All frames come with service holes. Custom service holes are available at request. Click on the image to the left to see our wall frame profile.


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